I had always been a person who looked for a reason why I wasn’t healthy without really taking a look at myself. I was the person who had blood work to check on their thyroid, blamed bad genetics, put it off till tomorrow (and the next day and then the day after that). It was never my fault, I just hadn’t found out who or what was the cause yet.

Finally, after there was no other I could pin the blame on and I had spent so much time trying to look outside of me to find the source of my health, I had to take a look at myself. I mean, it was my health after all. As someone who chronically avoids and procrastinates, this was not the easiest. But, after a while of staring at the scale and in the mirror, I knew something had to change. And, although I didn’t like admitting it to myself, that something was me.

After a few months of commitment and seeing change, I have decided to create a chronicle of my progress with my story, advice, and everything in between.